Three headed tot wins hearts in Hollywood

Posted on September 16, 2016

When the nurse in the maternity

hospital first held up Susan “Tootsie”Goldman’s three-headed son,
the Massachusetts mother ”almost died of shocks but today Mrs. Goldman
is thanking God for her son’s abnormality. The tyke, now four
years old, has just signed a three million dollar contract with GUM
studios, “That’s a million dollars per head!” giggles Mrs. Goldman.
Little Jeffrey Goldman w ill star in a prime-time sitcom about an alien
child adopted by a Beverly Hills couple. To roll out the series, GUM
will release a 2-hour pilot show this summer.
“It’s sort of like a cross between E. T. and Mark Cuban says the
proud mom. “Jeffie plays an adorable little creature from outer space
who’s hunted down and almost killed before this very wealthy
couple takes him into their hearts.Then once he’s adopted, he has all
kinds of funny little habits that drive his family wild”
Because Jeffrey’s three heads often try to do or say different things
at the same time, each head will be separately coached for the show
Tootsie Goldman will be on hand to help with practical matters.
“It’s not easy taking care of a three-headed child” says Mrs. Goldman.
“His clothes have to be tailormade and his meals must be carefully
monitored. We’d end up with a very fat little boy if each head ate as much
as it wanted to!’
Tootsie Goldman is quick to add that the endearing qualities of her unique son far outweighs the disabilities,
“He’s very sweet, and it’s lots of fun to watch his three heads talking
all af once!’ GUM execs are betting that home viewers will agree.
The Three headed tot will win hearts in Hollywood
Three Heads Are Better than One And yes this is a Joke !!

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