Memorable Moments of the Emmy Awards 2016

Posted on September 26, 2016

Emmy Awards is one of the most anticipated events across the globe. There is always something tickling about this event and it could not have been better this year. This year’s Emmy Awards event that took place on Sunday (September 18) at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles left the audience and all those that watched with much to remember. Here are some memorable moments of the event:
Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious Opening Skit
Hosting an event like Emmy Awards is not an easy task and the host has to amaze the audience. If this was a test for Jimmy Kimmel, then he made a good pass. The host created a sensation among the audience with an opening skit that included fellow night hosts, veep and cameos from the cast of modern family and ooh, it is also memorable how he hitched a ride on the back of one of the Deanery’s’ dragons to get to the Emmys in time.
The Free Lunch from the Cast of Stranger Things
How cool is going to such an event and getting to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches without paying a cent? Thank Jimmy Kimmel’s mother and the kids from the stranger things for having been thoughtful of the audience. But wait? Did you hear what Kimmel’s mother did? She sent a note to Amy Schumer saying how much she loved Amy and alas! She was talking about Amy Poehler not Amy Schumer.
Courtney B. Vance Dedicating His Win to Wife Angela Basset
If Courtney did not make you feel that love was in the air then he sure did arouse some feelings in you not matter what they were. The star who won the Emmy for his execution of Jonnie Cochran in the drama, The People VS OJ Simpson gave a special shout out to his partner, American Horror Story star, shouting “To the woman who rocks my chain.”
Kerry Washington Shows Off Her Baby Bump
Kerry Washington treated her fans with amazing photos of her baby bumps which from the photos circulating in the internet, it was clear that she was really having a good time and was not afraid to show off the baby bump. To some fans, the poses were great ideas for baby bump photo shoot. The cute joke made by Tony Goldwyn about her pregnancy is one to remember.
Julia Louis –Dreyfus’ Tearful Acceptance Speech
To lose a father just few days before you win an award like Emmy can put you in a cross road of emotions. For this star of Veep who won the award of the best actress in comedy for the fifth time, it was a moment of emotional reactions. She dedicated her win to her father and her speech still lingers in peoples’ minds.
The above are just some of the memorable moments of the 68th Emmy Awards. There is a lot more to remember about the night. Does Matt Damon and Jimmy Onstage feud still make you giggle?

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