Hidden Messages In Our Favorite Pop Songs (Video)

Posted on September 1, 2016

We all have favorite songs. Some songs will get our adrenaline going so we can finish that hard work out. Some songs can sooth our soul after a long hard day at work. And then, there are those songs we can use on romantic occasions to break the ice after a nice evening out. But music and song are also ways for musicians to get their personal theories out into the world and try to influence the broader public. Some of these artists can come up with some very strange ideas that they embed their songs with whether we are privy to those messages or not. And when the broader public starts to speculate about these things everything gets every weirder. In this video we will work through some of the stranger ideas about some of our most popular songs. Try to keep an open mind about what you are going to see. Because sometimes even the strangest ideas have validity.


D.A. Scott

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