Gerbil Terrorizes Grandpa

Posted on September 16, 2016

Thomas Veldran is still recovering from his terrifying encounter with a
psychotic gerbil


An 84“year-old great-gram-pa was terrorized by a psychotic gerbil
that laid waste to his Dallas home.Thomas Veldran received the animal
as a birthday gift from his grandchildren When he opened the cage, the
crazed rodent sprang out and began racing wildly around the house,
clawing and biting at curtains and furniture and severely maiming 
Mr. Veidran’s pet lizard.

Grampy’s Screams alerted a neighbor, who broke into the house just as the gerbil leaped at Mr. Veldran, intent of who knows what sort of molestation.

‘That little critter was buggy as a swamp in August’ said Billy Peamont.
“I threw the watstebasket at him but i missed”

Thomas Veldran is still recovering from his terrifying encounter with a
psychotic gerbil



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