The Evolution of Bras in Pop Culture

Posted on September 27, 2016

The sight of a woman walking down the street with sagging breasts is not a pleasant one. Without it, most women look awkward no matter what clothes they wear. Being used to seeing women in bras, you might think that they have been around since the beginning of time but you will be shocked to know that the first bra worn by women was created around 1930 by a woman named Mary Phelps.


To her, it was not about invention but trying to create a match between her gown and corset. She did not know that she had created something that most women will desire and wish to have, after the interest she received from other women, she started her own business. It remains unclear if she sold her rights to Maidenform which is a popular lingerie manufacturer but it was still around this time when the company made the first bras with formed cups and padded bras coming later in the 1930s to protect the female athletes from sagging breasts.

The Shift to Lingerie
The bras remained straightforward in terms of style until around 1970 when designers and lingerie manufacturers started to view bras in a more functional way. Around this time, the first breast lifting bra was in introduced although it could only be bought at specific stores and at high cost. The designers also embraced the shift that was in bra industry and started organizing runways to showcase this new discovery. The industry has since grown and the bras are readily available at affordable prices.

Embracing Sexuality
Once thought of as simply a support system for the breasts ,bras have taken a new persona as a sexual symbol, spurred on in large parts by celebrities such as Madonna during her blond American tour which thrust her into the spotlight wearing cone like bras without many other clothing on. This was a turnabout from the decades earlier and models took the center stage to showcasing how you could attain a cleavage even if you did not have big breasts. A good glance at the celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyoncé you will realize that bras have taken a new level. If you are rocking a strapless dress, you can opt for the adhesive bra cups instead of the bras with straps. This is a new development and from the look of things, the evolution of bras will still continue to be a topic of interest in pop culture.

With some popular companies specializing only in the sale of bras, we can only expect this industry to grow and keep up with the changing game of the pop culture.

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