10 Shy Actors Who Took It All Off (Video)

Posted on September 1, 2016

Show business is a difficult industry at times. At the beginning of your career doing a nude scene can be an act of desperation to get father up the ladder of success. But then there is the other scenario where actors who have solid and steady careers make the choice to do a nude scene especially if it betters the scene or the film. Having the courage to be naked in front of a camera is not something everyone can do. It can easily back fire and ruin your career or in the least come back to haunt you. But there should not be any shame in nudity of it strengthens a movie or plot. This video shows 10 celebrities who I bet you didn’t know did nude scenes.  They mostly came out the better for it. So if you have ever been curious what your favorite actor looks in the buff go no further.

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