10 Celebrities with Terrible Hygiene (Video)

Posted on September 1, 2016

Hey, celebrities are just like the rest of us right? They can stink too! Just because they have a lavish life style full of stylists, makeup artist, and the rest, it doesn’t mean they know how to take a shower. Take a look at the many celebrities in this video and you will be surprised how much they can get away with. Some don’t use deodorant. (Yikes!) Some have stopped brushing their teeth. (Yuck bad breath!) Some have actually taken to drinking their own pee. (What the heck!) And some just have truly all around bad hygiene habits. And, yes, for some reason we keep looking up to these people. But the more we find out about our favorite celebrities the more we realize they are just like us at least when it comes to taking a bath! So brace yourself as you’ll soon discover who is the smelliest, dirtiest, celebrities in the world!

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